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The Newfoundland, Gentle Giant
by Jo Ann Riley (Author) 2004

Editorial Review

It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend the newest Newfoundland book to your bookshelf. Author JoAnn Riley brings forty years of experience in the breed. She and her artist husband, Alan, have bred and exhibited their Seamount Newfoundlands in the Pacific Northwest since 1963.
With her international overview of the breed Mrs. Riley has the larger picture of the breed. She is prejudiced only in preferring dogs that meet the breed standard. Having worked with her dogs, I know that she appreciates the true Newfoundland temperament that makes this breed so unique. In 1985 JoAnn and I co-authored The Newfoundland Handbook, published by Denlinger Publishing. In this new book she has solicited photos of Newfoundlands from around the world. Breeders graciously responded to her request for both show and candid photos. You will enjoy meeting the newest sampling of elite Newfoundlands, and you will enjoy the timeless drawings of Newfoundlands by Alan Riley. A number of changes have occurred in the breed in the last twenty years. Consistency is desirable in any breed and there appears to be greater consistency among Newfoundlands than ten or twelve years ago, especially among dogs found in the show ring. These are the dogs that are, or will be, the progenitors of future generations.

Betty McDonnell Newfoundland breeder, exhibitor, and judge; Past president of Newfoundland Club of America; Current member of the Judges' Education Committee; Honorary Member of Newfoundland Club of America


Newfoundland Today
by Hedd Richards (Author), Del Richards (Author) 1997

Editorial Review
Newfoundlands Today The Newfoundland, known as the gentle giant of the dog world, combines a large, powerful physique with a mild, docile character. Originally used by fishermen to tow out heavy nets, the Newfie is as much at home in the water as on land, and there are tales of brave Newfoundlands rescuing survivors from shipwrecks. The breed was also used for draught work, and still performs this task in Newfoundland and Labrador. In this highly comprehensive Book of the Breed, the authors examine the origins of the breed and its development as a highly-prized working dog. The Breed Standard is analyzed in detail, and there is advice on training the show dog, the working dog, and the companion dog. Diet, exercise and grooming requirements are outlined, and there is guidance on breeding Newfoundlands, including breeding for the brown and the Landseer colours. Illustrated with more than 150 top-quality colour and black-and-white photographs.


The Newfoundland
by Emmy Bruno (Author) 1997

Editorial Reviews
This comprehensive treatament of the breed is the zenith of writing on this subject. Already translated into two other languages from the original Italian, the work has been a best seller in each language. The study of anatomy, history, and a novel way of looking at the axiom form follows function make this book one of a kind.

The New Complete Newfoundland
by Margaret Booth Chern (Author) 1976

(out of print)



The Newfoundland: Companion Dog-Water Dog
by Joan C. Bendure (Author) 1994

out of print

Editorial Review
Newfoundland fanciers and owners will appreciate this new guide, with its directory of regional clubs, profiles of famous Newfoundlands, and mention of children's books in which the breed appears. Bendure opens with a solid history of Newfoundlands, which were almost brought to extinction because of their role as mine detectors in the two world wars. An entire chapter discusses highly respected U.S. kennels. The explanation of the AKC breed standards and the information on Newfoundland characteristics, health, and grooming requirements will be important to the prospective owner. Caroline Andrew


The Newfoundland Handbook
by Betty McDonnell & JoAnn Riley 1985

out of print

This is the Newfoundland
Mrs. Maynard Drury (editor) 1978

out of print

The Newfoundland
by JoAnn Riley & Betty McDonnell 1985

out of print


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